Why should I bother looking after my new car paint?


Well, if you have just bought a new car, chances are in 2, 3 or 5 years you will want to sell it or trade it in.Ideally, when that time comes, your car will be as new looking as it is right now, because then you will get the most money for it.

Is it possible to keep my car looking brand new?


Keeping your car looking brand new for many years is achievable and for many enthusiasts is a reality. They rinse off their cars every day and keep the wax topped up. Dirt ages a car and attacks the paintwork, keeping your car protected with a good coating of wax can sometimes make all the difference. Many enthusiasts will actually keep a bucket and sponge in the boot along with a spray bottle of liquid wax, so that at the first sign of dirt they can deal with it no matter where they are.

But for most of us who lead busy lives and have other priorities, it isn’t practical to wash and wax our cars once a week, let alone three times a week! Although we start off as we mean to go on, the chances are that washing the car will become a chore and this is even truer for waxing. The result is that as time goes on, we will do it less and less often. And as it starts to show that we have done less, we are even less inclined to get out there on a Sunday morning with a bucket and a sponge. Paint Sealant Protection offers an easier alternative to waxing. Unlike wax, which evaporates in a few weeks, a Paint Sealant Protection will last for years and years with a minimum of work to keep it topped up.

Is waxing my vehicle just as effective?


Unfortunately NOT. Recent independent tests of all the major brands of retail car wax proved that most natural waxes last no more than 4 weeks. This means that by week 3, the wax will only be providing minimal protection and will give no resistance against bird droppings, tree sap and heavy pollutants. Although synthetic waxes can last far longer, you have to realize that after 10 weeks, the wax will only have half the protection it did when first applied.

Paint Sealants differ from waxes in that they amount to a plastic coating which not only lasts longer, but is far more durable to the effects of UV radiation, road salts, industrial fallout, environmental pollution, acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap. Paint Sealants provide that extra protection which means that you have far longer to remove them before permanent damage can occur. The only thing you really need to attend to be making sure the car is washed on a regular basis. With the Paint Sealant resisting the adhesion of dirt, washing your car becomes easy, as all you need to do is wet, wash and rinse.There is no need for additional polishes or waxes.

Why should I have my car Paint Protected?


The end result is that you have guaranteed paintwork protection for the stated life of your Paint Sealant.Your car will remain looking new with you having little work to do. When the time comes to sell your car,you can be assured that your paintwork will be in pristine condition, there will be no fading, staining,etching or rust. The higher price your car will command will pay you back every cent you spent on your Paint Protection Package.